Ashgate Book

This is the cover of the acclaimed international book that was published in September, 2014. The editors chose a photograph of Dr. Penny Hamilton, one of the book's contributors, standing next to her airplane.  

"Aviation is an intensely competitive, global industry providing transportation and employment across the world. Absent Aviators is a must read for anyone with an interest in the gendered history, structure and culture of this fascinating industry. It is predicted that over 400,000 new pilots will be needed within the next two decades to meet increasing demand. Against this background, the contributors to this timely book ask, why are women so under-represented in commercial airline piloting, and what can be done to address this problem?"
Melissa Tyler, University of Essex, UK

"Aviation buffs, sociologists of work, and feminists alike will applaud the achievements of this ample volume, detailing the man?s world of piloting. The diverse background of authors - including from within aviation - gives the volume its great texture and authority. As the cockpit remains one of the most staunchly masculinist spaces in industrial employment, Absent Aviators tackles these highly gendered realms as both a human problem and management issue." Christine Yano, University of Hawaii, USA

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