52 female flight instructors and 33 male flight instructors

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Survey Questions Female Male
Instructor Ratings:  Instructor ratings Instructor ratings
Approximate number of flight time hours: Hours of flight time
Approximate number of years you provided instruction: Years as an IP Years as an IP
Your age range: Age ranges  Age ranges 
Approximate number of female students you trained: Number of student trained  Number of female students trained 
Estimate female success rate (at least private pilot rating): Age Group Age group
Most of the flight instruction you provided was: Flight instruction provided  Most of the flight train you gave was through 
Barriers to female ground school success: Ground school barriers Ground School barriers
Barriers to female student flight training success: Barriers to flight time success Barriers to flight time success
Barriers to students in the physical cockpit environment: Barriers in cockpit environment Barriers to cockpit enviroment
Suggestions to improve flight training for female students: Suggestions to improve training Suggestions to imporve flight training
Reasons female students gave for wanting to fly:
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