1001 Inspirational Thoughts For & By Real Women In Aviation & Aerospace


Be a part of a new book being compiled by Penny Rafferty Hamilton for and by women in all aspects of the aviation industry-airport and airline management, ATC, engineering and aviation consulting, aircraft mechanics, female pilots and other crew/team members, flight instructors, non-profit organization and museum staff, aviation insurance, sales and service. Women are contributing their talent and skill in so many areas of aviation and aerospace.

Because the need for female mentors was among the TOP TEN Ways to Increase Success for Women in Aviation and, the lack of female role models, as well as, very little knowledge about Historic Aviation Heroines were listed at top barriers to women succeeding in aviation-related careers, this new book is unique because it will quote only females.

 A wonderful and thoughtful gift book for and by women in aviation. This is the only book which incorporates inspirational advice and quotes collected and contributed by and for contemporary women in aviation.

Chapter ideas for this important book include:
Introduction:   Make Your Own Rules by Dr. Penny
Chapter I:        The Power of Inspiration
Chapter II:       Aviation Pioneers Speak to You
Chapter III:      Words of Wisdom
Chapter IV:      Aviation Advice
Chapter V:       Pilots and Whirly Girls Share
Chapter VI:      Women Who Soar & Fly in the Military
                        and Space
Chapter VII:     Female Aviation Leaders
Chapter VIII:    Women in Aviation Management
Chapter IX:       More Inspiration (Anonymous quotes
                        quotes, aviation short Poems by
Chapter X:       Humor Any Woman Can Enjoy
Chapter XI:      Index of names of contributors

If you have ideas or thoughts which inspire and motivate you which should be considered for inclusion, please contact or call 970-887-2101.
A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this new book will be donated to scholarships and programs which encourage females to pursue careers and goals  in the aviation industry.