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  The Power of the Web can be harnessed to increase female participation in General Aviation, especially because of the ease of networking and mentoring available everywhere. Many of these web links are gender specific for females to fly around the web to discover careers, scholarships, mentoring, and support their becoming a pilot.  

According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project research released in 2009, 74% of American adults ages 18 and over use the internet. Generational differences of on-line activity vary with age. In the cohort 18 to 29 years of age, almost 90% report internet use. But, ages 30-49 are not far behind with 85% reporting frequent internet use. The older Boomers of 50-64 indicate 70% are frequent internet users. Those in the “Silent Generation” of over 65 years drop to only 35% reported use of the World Wide Web.  

On-line uses are email, internet research and shopping. Older generations are much less likely to use social media/networks. The 24/7 access of internet makes it a very powerful tool for increasing the numbers of girls and women reached with the important General Aviation message and support.

Important Web Links in Alphabetical Order: Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association with connections to the AOPA Foundation and AOPA Air Safety Foundation, AOPA member services, general aviation news and updates. The Training & Safety button connects to Learn To Fly, Youth Education, Flight Schools and more. Interesting memorabilia, news and some current aviation events. Student gateway/portal to aviation career information, flight training options and aviation scholarships and loans. Aviation news and columns about all aspects of aviation. Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance has membership, scholarship, conference and speakers network information. This organization was formed to champion women’s professional growth and opportunities in aviation maintenance.

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