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 Wonderful tribute site to the WASP-Women’s Air Force Service Pilots of World War II. Over 25,000 outstanding and patriotic women responded to the call to join the first female flight training program in the US. Of more than 1,800 selected, 1,102 earned their wings. WASPs flew 60 million miles ferrying airplanes. Towed targets for live gunnery practice for guys on the ground. These brave women tested new and repaired airplanes. They were finally recognized on March 10, 2010, with the Congressional Gold Medal at an uplifting and moving ceremony in Washington DC.  At that time, fewer than 300 WASPs were alive to know their efforts and military service are appreciated. Partnership of Phoenix Ninety-nines, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Arizona Cactus Pine Girl Scout Council to create Aviation Discovery Camp. A good example of collaborative efforts to encourage and mentor young girls in aviation.  GWW-Excellent site for female pilots to sign up to be aviation role models and join the GWW crew or shop for products as “Penelope, The Pilot” books to encourage girls to explore aviation. International Aviation Women's Association, which was organized for women in Executive positions and leadership in aviation and aerospace, included membership, conference, and scholarship information. Buttons for aviation education and General Aviation scholarships and awards. International Society of Women Airline Pilots sometimes called ISA+21 to acknowledge the original 21 members who formed ISA in 1978. Site includes membership and scholarship information. International Women's Air & Space Museum (IWASM)-mission is to preserve the history of women in aviation and space by documenting their past, present and future contributions. In addition to preserving the history of women in aviation, the museum in Cleveland, Ohio, provided a wide variety of educational programs.

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