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Would any of the above be the same or even more encouraging to a woman, if her family member aviator was female?

* What might be the difference, if any, in success rates of female flight students given a male pilot mentor vs. a female pilot mentor?  

* What role might female participation in organized athletics/sports play in the success rate of female flight students? In a post-Title 9 era are female athletes more confident and comfortable with risk activities. It is a well-known recruiting fact that Army recruiters for the Armor Branch, have display booths at “Monster Truck” events. Do successful women pilots demonstrate an affinity for certain organized or risk sports?  

* Because the flight training drop out rate appears to be high, do women have a higher drop-out rate than male students? 

* Earlier studies indicated female pilots tended to grasp instrument training more quickly than male students. Does this still hold true and, if so, why?

* Also, earlier reported research indicated female pilots tended to have fewer accidents. Could this research information assist with lowering insurance rates and improving aviation safety? Or, do male pilots traditionally have higher ratings and fly more hours which might mean greater exposure to adverse weather conditions?       

* This research indicates female students tell their flight instructors the major reason they pursue flight instruction is personal satisfaction. How can this motivation best be used to recruit and retain women in General Aviation?